List of Instruments


S. No Name of equipment/ apparatus (with make). Year of manufacture 1 Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (Perkin-Elmer) 2010 2 Portable Multi-Parameter Water Quality Meter or Aquaread Meter or Equivalent, Method of Detection: In Situ Measurement of Water Quality Parameters. 2020 3 FTIR spectrometer (Agilent) 2020 4 Bottom Sediment Grab Sampler 2020 5 Digital Sieve Shaker (for Particle Size Segregation and Analysis) 2020 6 Binocular Stereo Microscope 2020 7 Trinocular Stereo Zoom Microscope with Digital Camer 2020 8 PM Stack Sampler (ISO-Kinetic) USEPA Method-5 2019 9 Advance Analytical Set-Up (30 Core-I-7-Generation Computer) equipped with Advanced Software (Erdas Emigin, ESRI, Airmod-View, ) 2016 10 [...]

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Environmental Biology Lab


This laboratory-based course accompanies Environmental Biology. Laboratory activities will reinforce principles of environmental systems and ecology, including biogeochemical cycles, energy transformations, abiotic interactions, symbiotic relationships, natural resources and their management, lifestyle analysis, evolutionary trends, hazards and risks, and approaches to ecological research. The laboratory is equipped with the refrigerator to store samples, incubator, laminar flow cabinet etc. Different glassware such as Petri-dish, beakers etc is also provided to the students. Students are guided in the conduct of the course about the practical implications and later they can perform the experiments. Safety guidance is provided to personnel. The staff and students are [...]

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An Animal House 


An animal house has been constructed for in vivo experiments of Environmental Toxicology, Immunology, Molecular Biology and Health and Safety. The Biodiversity museum is being developed having animals and plants belonging to various taxa. Collections of biologically diverse organisms along with their systematic positions would be displayed for students to help in Systematics and Biodiversity laboratory work.

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A Greenhouse


A greenhouse is there for experiments with plants, fungi and other microbes. It is meant for pilot-scale experiments and in vivo treatments of plants with pesticides, fertilizers, heavy metals, etc. including research experiments related to Phytoremediation, Biocontrol and Biotechnology.

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Weather station


The weather station is installed to measure the daily temperature, humidity, pressure, and rainfall. For this purpose different instruments are used such as dry and wet bulb thermometer, evaporation pan and a rain gauge. The data set is recorded and available to the students for their research activities. 

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Culinary Arts Laboratory


This laboratory has been developed with a modern kitchen having all types of necessary utensils, crockery, and cutlery, etc. for hands-on training of hospitality students studying Hospitality by renowned cooks and chefs. Plans have also been prepared for a dining area to carry out training of students in hospitality management. This laboratory fulfills the purpose of sustainable environmental tourism. 

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Health and Safety Laboratory


This laboratory-based course accompanies occupational health and safety. One of the key areas of decent work deficit in Pakistan is poor occupational safety and health (OSH) at the workplace in both formal and informal sectors. Most of the enterprises in the organized sectors are not aware of OSH risks and hazards, and often they do not see the importance and urgency of addressing those risks and hazards. There is no independent legislation on occupational safety and health issues in Pakistan. The students are advised an instructed about the health safety precautions, standard methodologies. Students are given training about safety procedures, evacuation [...]

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Environmental Analytical Laboratory


These laboratory-based courses accompany, environmental chemistry and analytical chemistry. The laboratory is equipped with different simple equipments such as pH  The students are using state-of-the-art instrumentation and methods to identify and measure chemicals in air, water, soil, consumer products and hazardous waste, as well as in wildlife (fish, eggs, tissues) and human (blood, milk and fat tissue) specimens. The students are advised to adopt the lab safety guide (a general safety guide is provided at the end of this section). The Laboratory manuals/documentation/instructions for experiments are readily accessible to faculty and students.

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Environmental Toxicology Laboratory


This laboratory is located in the teaching staff section at the first floor of the college of earth and environmental sciences. This is well-maintained laboratory, and several PhD, MPhil and BS students are carrying out their research activities. This laboratory is with several types of equipment such as fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, stereo microscope, spectrophotometer, extraction apparatus for organic compounds. The lab also contains high precision weighing balance, different density separators for the microplastics-related research project, nitrogen gas evaporator, ultrasonic bath, oven etc. Laboratories are also equipped with different glassware (such as funnels, flasks, beakers, funnel, volumetric pipet, Erlenmeyer flask, volumetric flask, [...]

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Geomatics Laboratory


This laboratory is located at first floor in the teaching staff section. The Geomatics laboratory is equipped with 30 computers. The number of computers are constantly under review. There is a SOP-07 for operation of the computer lab. The in-charge of this laboratory is maintaining all the related facilities, timely adjusting and updating the software.  The students are taught a course i.e. geographical information system. Later on, in this laboratory students design, develop, and operate systems for collecting and analyzing spatial information about the land, the oceans, natural resources, and manmade features and serve society by collecting, monitoring, archiving, and maintaining [...]

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