Environmental Toxicology Laboratory

This laboratory is located in the teaching staff section at the first floor of the college of earth and environmental sciences. This is well-maintained laboratory, and several PhD, MPhil and BS students are carrying out their research activities. This laboratory is with several types of equipment such as fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy, stereo microscope, spectrophotometer, extraction apparatus for organic compounds. The lab also contains high precision weighing balance, different density separators for the microplastics-related research project, nitrogen gas evaporator, ultrasonic bath, oven etc. Laboratories are also equipped with different glassware (such as funnels, flasks, beakers, funnel, volumetric pipet, Erlenmeyer flask, volumetric flask, graduated cylinder, wash bottles etc) and chemicals required for the experiment and analysis. The students are asked to wear the lab coat and mask in the premises of laboratory. Students are advised to wear gloves when handling chemicals. Further, the waste chemicals are disposed of off in the containers to ensure safety. Before conducting any experiment, students are advices to access the hazards related to the work, including; what are the worst possible things that could go wrong, how to deal with them, and what are the prudent practices, protective facilities and equipment necessary to minimize the risk of exposure to the hazards. Furthermore, all the Laboratory manuals/documentation/instructions for experiments are readily accessible to faculty and students.

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