Solid Waste Laboratory

There is one designated section for the laboratories in the premises of the department. This laboratory is situated in the middle of the laboratories section.  A person is designated to own and facilitate the students, further the available manuals and guidelines are readily available to help students in their research activities. Several courses are taught such as Solid waste management. This lab is equipped with different types of equipment such as muffle furnace, oven, shredder etc. Different containers are available to store the solid waste. The students are also storing their samples in different types of paper and polythene bags. Furthermore, glassware (crucible, crucible tongs, evaporation disk etc.) is also provided to conduct the experiments. Students are guided in the conduct of the course about the practical implications and later they can perform the experiments. They are doing different experiments such as ash content determination, recycling of waste. Safety guidance is provided to personnel. The staff and students are advised to wear the lab coat and mask while performing experiments. Besides, the Laboratory manuals/documentation/instructions for experiments are readily accessible to faculty and students.

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