Health and Safety Laboratory

This laboratory-based course accompanies occupational health and safety. One of the key areas of decent work deficit in Pakistan is poor occupational safety and health (OSH) at the workplace in both formal and informal sectors. Most of the enterprises in the organized sectors are not aware of OSH risks and hazards, and often they do not see the importance and urgency of addressing those risks and hazards. There is no independent legislation on occupational safety and health issues in Pakistan. The students are advised an instructed about the health safety precautions, standard methodologies. Students are given training about safety procedures, evacuation plan, emergency procedures etc. They are also advised to follow the safety guide during the training. Fire extinguishers and safety helmets have been made available to fulfill the safety regulations.  Instructions to the students are available with the Module Leaders and before, they are made accessible to the students. Furthermore, all the Laboratory manuals/documentation/instructions for experiments are readily accessible to faculty and students.

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