Visiting Faculty Required at College of Earth and Environmental Sciences


The College of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of the Punjab, Lahore is
seeking high quality visiting faculty to teach the various subjects in the discipline of
Environmental Sciences, Hydrology & Water Resources Management and Occupational
Health and Safety in the subjects as detailed below:

BS Environmental Sciences
• English-I, English-III
• Translation of Holy Quran
• Mathematics
• Islamic Studies / Ethics
• General Physics
• General Biology
• Environmental Issues
• Environmental Geology
• Environmental Law and Policies
• Environmental Economics and Sustainable Development
• GIS and Remote Sensing
• Research Methods in Environmental Sciences
• Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation

BS Applied Hydrology
English I Functional English
• English II Communication Skills
• Islamic Studies / Ethics
• Translation of Holy Quran
• General Geology

BS Tourism and Hospitality Management
• Introduction to Archeology
• Introduction to Sociology
• Hospitality Operations
• International Relation and Tourism
• Hotel Management Accounting
• English-I (Functional English)
• Islamic Studies / Ethics
• Translation of Holy Quran
• Cultural History of Pakistan
• English-III (Technical Writing and Presentation Skills)
• Sustainable Tourism
• Heritage Management
• Sports and Adventure Tourism
• Event Management
• Food Safety and HACCP
• Air Travel Management
• Tourism Planning & Development

MS/M.Phil. in Occupational Health and Safety
• Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety
• Principles of Industrial Hygiene
• Fundamentals of Ergonomics
• Occupational Toxicology

The part time faculty will be responsible for conducting and teaching courses, of 18 weeks
duration, within the prescribed curriculum for students enrolled at the HCC, as well as
compiling, administering, and grading examinations.

A candidate must have PhD / MPhil / Master degree or equivalent qualification, or relevant professional
qualification, from an HEC recognized institution.

To apply, please submit application along with CV (clearly mentioning education and relevant experience),
cover letter by hand / email at or by hand positively by December 19, 2022.

Prof. Dr. Sajid Rashid Ahmad
Principal (Tel. No. 042-99233121-2)

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