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Dr. Abdul Qadir

Associate Professor

If you’re an educational professional who are looking to progress into Environmental Sciences, or sustainable development, this is the best degree for you.


Present Address:   College of Earth and Environmental Sciences,

University of the Punjab, Lahore

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1. Associate Professor, 16th May, 2019 – to- date

College of Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of the Punjab, Lahore


2. Assistant Professor, 27th May, 2011- to-15th May, 2019

College of Earth and Environmental Sciences

University of the Punjab, Lahore


  • Ph. D. Biology (2004 - 2010) Environmental Biology. Department of Biological Sciences, Section Environmental Biology Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad, Pakistan


  • 1. Shafiq, M Qadir A, Ahmad SR (2019). Biofortification: A Sustainable Agronomic Strategy to Increase Selenium Content and Antioxidant Activity in Garlic. Applied Ecology and Environmental Research 17:(2), 1685-1704.
  • 2. Kausar F, Qadir A, Ahmad SR, Baqar M. (2019). Evaluation of Surface Water Quality on Spatiotemporal Gradient using Multivariate Statistical Techniques: A Case Study of River Chenab, Pakistan, Polish Journal of Environmental Studies 28 (4), 2645-2657
  • 3. Rizwan, M, Atta, B Sabir AM, Yaqub M, Qadir, A (2019). Evaluation of the entomopathogenic fungi as a non-traditional control of the Rice leaf roller, Cnaphalocrocis medinalis (Guenee; Lepidoptera: Pyralidae) under controlled conditions; Egyptian Journal of Biological Pest Control 29 (1), 10


Freshwater Ecology100%
Human Toxicology100%
Environmental Toxicology 100%