college of earth and environmental sciences


The College consists of an environment friendly building with large grounds all around. There are three main blocks of the building, interconnected through passage ways. The Administrative Block has Administrative Offices, Faculty Offices and Research Laboratories. The Lecture Halls Block consists of Lecture Halls while the Laboratories Block has moderately equipped laboratories.

     i. Research Laboratories

There are seven laboratories meant for research of M.Phil/Ph.D students namely:

                      1. Wastewater Treatment Laboratory.

                      2. Solid Waste Laboratory.

                      3. Environmental Toxicology Laboratory.

                      4. Environmental Analytical Laboratory.

                      5. Environmental Quality Laboratory.  

                      6. Environmental Biotechnology Laboratory.

                      7. GIS Laboratory.


  • College of Earth and Envirnmental Science 
  • Quaid-e-Azam Campus, University of the Punjab,
  • Lahore-Pakistan

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