Pakistan Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences (ISSN 2519-9897)

Aim and Scope:
The Journal publishes original research papers, short notices, review articles, communications and news in the field of Environmental Science and related disciplines covering local, regional and global issues.

Instructions to Authors:

1. Duplicate of the manuscript may be submitted by post to the Pakistan Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences, College of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of the Punjab, New Campus, Lahore, Pakistan.
Soft copy is also necessary to be emailed at Manuscripts not providing soft copies shall not be entertained.

2. Covering letter must clearly state the manuscript has not been published before nor has been submitted for publication elsewhere. After acceptance the copyright of the article will be transferred to the Pakistan Journal of Earth and Environmental Sciences.

3. Authors are responsible for obtaining permission from the copyright holders to reproduce any materials such as tables or figures etc. which have already been published elsewhere. Such tables and figures must contain the footnote about their source “with permission”.

4. Each paper must follow the sequence: Title, Author/s Names and Affiliations, Abstract, Key Words, Introduction, Materials and Methods, Results and Discussion, Acknowledgments if any, Reference, Figures and Tables. The whole paper should not exceed 30 pages.

5. In case of Review Papers/Reviews, it should include Abstract and subsequent headings and subheadings.

6. Short Communication or Letter should not include Abstract but must have brief explanation of the issue/problem addressed, methodology, brief results and conclusion.

7. Title must be precise and informative:- (a) Author/s and their institutions must be included in prescribed format e.g. (b) Name, e-mail, phone number, and postal address of author to whom further correspondence is to be made should be given.

8. Text Format (in double space) in single column, Times New Roman, and font size 14.

9. Abstract: Papers should be accompanied by an abstract not exceeding 100-150 word. It should be written in simple understandable language clearly indicating objective, methodology, results and conclusion of the study. It could be multilingual and in italic form.

10. Keywords: 4-6 keywords be given at the end of abstract for indexing the article.

11. Introduction: Must include the purpose and background of the work/topic along with most relevant references.

12. Materials and Methods: Authors must clearly describe the materials and techniques followed and statistical analysis employed.

13. Results and Discussion must be comprehensive and topic relevant.

14. Ethics Author/s will be responsible to comply with the institutional, national and international guidelines on the use of animals and collecting data on human subjects. Plagiarism must be less than 19% as per HEC policy.

15. International System-of Units for manuscripts must be used e.g. cm for centimetre.

16. Standard Abbreviations should be used in text. All abbreviations must be written in full at first use.

17. After the referee’s review and comments, author/s must submit revised manuscript with necessary corrections/ additions, amendments etc. wherever necessary. Authors must return the corrected copy along with original copy of the manuscript to the editor within stipulated time
frame. In case of unnecessary delay, paper will be added to waiting list and entertained innext issues.

18. Request for Reprints Request for reprints can be made at the time of submission. However, the cost is to be defrayed by the author/s. . .

18a. Acknowledgements

19. References: List all references at the end, in alphabetical order, by the authors’ surname or last name. Make sure that all the references quoted in the text are listed in the references list. Several papers by the same author and same year must be followed by a, b, c, etc. after the year. The use of standard abbreviations is preferred. Following information must be provided for each reference.

Author or authors: Year of publication; Title of paper/book; Abbreviated name of journal; Volume (issue number); inclusive pages. For books and proceedings, name of publisher and location is needed.

Journal articles: Malik, M.A., Ghafoor, A., Saleem, M. and Ahmad,M.M. 1994 Preservation of watermelon squash using sodium benzoate and potassium metabisulphite. Pak. Jour. Agri. Sci. 31(1), 58-60.
Books: Chapman, V.J. 1976 Mangrove Vegetation. J. Cramer, Germany, 499 PP.