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The world today is facing the threat of environmental degradation, which is the inevitable outcome of rapid growth of industry, over population, urbanization and pressure to grow more agricultural produce. It is therefore, becoming imperative to protect our environment since it plays a very important role in the economic and industrial development of a society. Contamination of our soil, water and air, resulting from human activities are of particular importance. The problems of industrial, urban and agricultural nature, pollution of drinking water, climatic changes due to air pollution and the impact of waste disposal can not be overlooked. We living in a developing country like Pakistan cannot afford deterioration of our environment in the form of groundwater contamination, quality of water, ill planned industrialization,          indiscriminate use of pesticides, chemicals and fertilizers in Agriculture and poor town planning. There has to be some sort of balance between the technological achievements and the risk of environmental degradation. 'Balance is the Rule of Nature' and to achieve this we have to create awareness among our people. Over the last 25 years there has been a remarkable increase in global awareness for a rational approach to problems of national and international magnitude. Ecotourism is another aspect of Environment & Pakistan is much blessed with natural & scenic beauty. What better way we could think of to create such awareness than imparting knowledge through education and onsite training for the analysis and management of environment, water & natural resources to our younger generation. I sincerely hope that through academic programs, we shall achieve our goal by producing young Environmentalists, Hydrologists, Geomaticians  & THM professionals at part with international standards to serve our society and the country for a better tomorrow.


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