college of earth and environmental sciences


I welcome you to the College of Earth and Environmental Sciences (CEES). Study of the abiotic and biotic components of the global ecosystem is not new but Environmental Sciences represents an emerging discipline of Science. The awareness about he environmental issues started about four decades ago and has led us to understand the degradation of our environment due to anthropogenic and natural factors. In developing countries like Pakistan, the awareness of the environmental issues is even more important due to illiteracy of masses. The population explosion, unplanned urban and industrial expansion, mismanagement of natural resources, illegal industrial emission and disposal of effluents and hazardous wastes has led to pollution of atmosphere, water bodies and their sediments, ground water resources and soil. These have led to unhealthy impacts on human life both directly and indirectly through the food chain. Study of environment helps us to find solutions for our national issues through environmental impact assessment studies and management using the environmental friendly technologies like power generation by renewable resources, rehabilitation of degraded sites by the green clean technology, biofuel production through organic wastes and environmental management of various kinds of wastes through recycling, composting and biological conversion. Water is becoming scare day by day. There is need to manage these resources and also put them to use for renewable energy generation. All these aspects are covered in Applied Hydrology. Another aspect of Environment is Tourism. Pakistan is a country blessed with natural resources, tourist spots and Archeological/ Historical sites. It is foreseen that in the future decades it is going to become one of the major earning sectors in its economy. The demand for professionals in these fields is on the averge of increase. Another new field is introduced which can be apply on all fields menioned above that is Geomatics. Geomatics includes the tools and techniques used in land surveying, remote sensing, cartography, GIS, global navigation satellite systems, photogrammetry, geophysics, geography and related forms of earth mappingThe various programs being offered in the CEES currently include BS., M.Sc., M.phil and Ph.D. programs in Environmental Sciences, M.Sc., M.phil and Ph.D. programs. In Applied Hydrology, M.Sc. In Tourism & Hospitality Management., M.phil and Ph.D. programs in Geomatics.. I sincerely hope that your decision to join the college will bring the best potential out of you for a bright future.