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Environmental changes, like desertification, silting of dam reservoirs, water logging, salinity and contamination of land as well as surface and groundwater, have created problems. Over exploitation of resources has adversely impacted the environment and we are facing the danger of degradation and destruction of ecological infrastructure that is essential for us as well as for the future generations. The management of environment has always been of vital importance for life. It has always played a life-sustaining role in growth and welfare of mankind. Although we have, along with rest of the world, started highlighting the role of environment on earth, it is unfortunate that we are leaving behind a legacy that will make the life of tomorrow more threatened than is felt today. In Pakistan, as elsewhere in developing countries, environmental degradation is occurring due to heavy industrialization concentrated in narrow zones, mining activities, indiscriminate use of pesticides and insecticides, exploding population and poor town planning etc. In some areas the chemical and biological contaminants have crossed the WHO and USEPA recommended levels, causing health hazards.          Keeping in view the importance and the growing demands for training manpower in the emerging discipline of Environmental Sciences, the College of Earth and Environmental Sciences has been established in the University of the Punjab in 2005. The new building of the College was completed in November 2008, featuring spacious rooms, moderately equipped laboratories, a library and large grounds. This college offers BS., M.Sc., M.phil and Ph.D. programs in Environmental Sciences, M.Sc., M.phil and Ph.D. programs. In Applied Hydrology, M.Sc. In Tourism & Hospitality Management., M.phil and Ph.D. programs in Geomatics. The purpose of these courses is to produce graduates in these emerging disciplines with the insight and knowledge to serve the nation to attain environmentally sustainable development in the country. 


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