The College of Earth and Environmental Sciences, University of the Punjab Lahore has organized Seminar on the Occasion of “World Environment Day 2023” in collaboration of GIZ Pakistan on Monday 5th June 2023. The distinguished guests Dr. Sajid Mahmood Chohan, Secretary Environment, Government of the Punjab, Mr. Javed Akhtar, Secretary Higher Education Department, Government of...
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This laboratory-based course accompanies Environmental Biology. Laboratory activities will reinforce principles of environmental systems and ecology, including biogeochemical cycles, energy transformations, abiotic interactions, symbiotic relationships, natural resources and their management, lifestyle analysis, evolutionary trends, hazards and risks, and approaches to ecological research. The laboratory is equipped with the refrigerator to store samples, incubator, laminar flow...
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An animal house has been constructed for in vivo experiments of Environmental Toxicology, Immunology, Molecular Biology and Health and Safety. The Biodiversity museum is being developed having animals and plants belonging to various taxa. Collections of biologically diverse organisms along with their systematic positions would be displayed for students to help in Systematics and Biodiversity...
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