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Field trips are arranged on a regular basis for all programs. Field work is a part of the curriculum representing active learning through hands-on experience with the natural resources in different environmental situations and its presentation and compilation in the form of a field report.

Field work is an integral part of training in the subjects of Environmental Sciences, Applied Hydrology and Tourism & Hospitality Management. Students (male and female) carry out fieldwork in at least five days during the course of a semester. They study Geological aspects, Biodiversity, Ecosystems, Solid Waste dumpsites, Environmental Hazards and various other aspects related to Environment Sciences in existing situation in the field. Students of Hydrology visit the dams, water bodies and catchment areas while students of THM visit the various tourists, historical, recreational and archeological sites and famous hotels for having a closer look at Hospitality Management. In the end, they are required to submit a comprehensive field report. This carries marks as prescribed in the syllabus. Students unable to carry out field training are considered fail in the field work/report writing paper. They are required to carry out the field studies in the next semester with their junior class.



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