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The BS and M.Sc. Programs are governed by regulations given by the Semester Implementation Committee (SIC) of the University of the Punjab. The MS/M.Phil/Ph.D. Programs are governed by regulations given by the Doctoral Program Coordination Committee (DPCC) of the University of the Punjab.


                     1. A student must have attended at least 75% of the classes held in a course in order to be allowed to sit in the ®nal examination. 

                     2. At the end of each month the teacher concerned shall send, to the head of the Department/Centre/Institute/College, a statement giving the total number of lectures delivered and practical conducted by him together with the number of lectures and practical attended by each student. 

                     3. In case the student remains absent from the class for seven consecutive days without leave his/her name shall be removed from the rolls.

                     4. The student having class attendance less than 75% in a particular course will be required to repeat the course when it is offered again. The student will be awarded grade FW i.e. forced withdrawal and will not be counted towards calculation of GPA/CGPA.

Evaluation System 

                     1. The teacher is responsible for the evaluation of work/performance of the students of his class and for the award of grades to them on the basis of such evaluation. 

                     2. The number and nature of tests and assignments depends on the nature of course. However, in case of taught courses there will be  at least one home assignment, sessional works and two tests (mid semester and ®nal examination) in each course with the Weightage as under:     


                                                                  BS/M.Sc                                                    MS/M.Phil/Ph.D. 

                                  A.                         Assignments        25%                                     Assignments            25% 

                                  B.                          Mid Semester      35%                                     Mid Semester           25% 

                                  C.                         Final Semester     40%                                     Final Semester         50% 


                     3. There shall be no choice questions in the mid semester and ®nal examination papers. 




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